Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yoplait lids: new this year, you can submit lids online. Did you know that that for every lid, Yoplait donates $0.10 to Komen for the Cure. That may not seem like a lot but the Affiliates around the country see that money and it makes a huge difference, believe me.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Post-It Note Watches

the patient gardenter' by visiondivision
all images courtesy of visiondivision

stockholm-based visiondivision conducted a week-long workshop at the politecnico di milano,
in milan, italy, in which guest professors conducted an exploration for students to consider
the impact of the fast-paced lifestyle on ecology and environmental issues in architecture.
the result was 'the patient gardener', a structure consisting of ten japanese cherry trees which is
the main building material for the construction of a two-story retreat. bending, twisting,
pruning and grafting will be used to control and develop the growth of the building over time.
the trees, chosen because of the time of year and good suitability for the project,
were planted around in an 8 meter diameter ring. 
to assist in the bending of the trees, a temporary tower stands in the center with ropes attached to the plants,
pulling them gently to create a bend in the trunk as it grows. the stairs, handrails and safety features
will be grafted from fruit trees, generating food simultaneously.  
a simple maintenance plan and instructs will be passed on to future gardeners. the final result can be
enjoyed on the campus within 80 years. 


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